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The Washington Transportation Plan (WTP) establishes a 20-year vision for the development of the statewide transportation system. WTP is based on the six transportation system policy goals established by the Legislature: preservation, safety, mobility, environment, stewardship, and economic vitality (RCW 47.04.280). The WTP is done in two phases:

WTP 2035 – Phase 1 (Policy) was completed by the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) and it provides the statewide policy recommendations to the Legislature. The Commission’s most recent update is available at www.wtp2040andbeyond.com.

Washington Transportation Plan 2035

WTP Phase 2 – Implementation 2017-2040 was updated by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and replaces the 2007-2026 long range transportation plan and meets federal and state requirements. It implements key policy recommendations for the development of the state’s multimodal transportation system through four focus areas and eleven action items.

Executive Summary (pdf 555 kb)
Vision, Focus Areas and Action Items Chart (extracted from Executive Summary) (pdf 89 kb)
Plan (pdf 10.1 mb)
Plan and Appendices (pdf 18.6 mb)

Appendix A – Technical Memorandum #1: Vision, Policies, Goals (pdf 538 kb)
Appendix B – Technical Memorandum #2: Transportation Funding (pdf 940 kb)
Appendix C – Technical Memorandum #3: Current and Future Conditions of the Statewide Transportation System (pdf 6.4 mb)
Appendix D – Technical Memorandum #4: Scenario Planning and Focus Areas (pdf 1.1 mb)
Appendix E – Outreach Plan and Journal (pdf 234 kb)

For more information:

Phase 1
Paul Parker – WSTC
360-705-7070 | transc@wstc.wa.gov

Phase 2
Karena Houser – WSDOT
360-705-7876 | wtp2@wsdot.wa.gov