Washington Transportation Plan Phase 2 – Implementation

The vision for the future of transportation in Washington State was established in Phase 1.

By 2035, Washington’s transportation system safely connects people and communities, fostering commerce, operating seamlessly across boundaries, and providing travel options to achieve an environmentally and financially sustainable system.

Roger Millar on the Washington Transportation Plan

Washington State Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar on the long range transportation plan update (Washington Transportation Plan Phase 2).

WTP Phase 2 Acknowledgments

WTP Phase 2 Steering Committee
WTP Phase 2 Advisory Group
WTP Phase 2 WSDOT Project Team
WTP Phase 2 WSDOT Subject Matter Experts

For more information:

Richard Warren
WSDOT Washington Transportation Plan Phase 2 Manager
206- 464-1261 |  wtp2@wsdot.wa.gov